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Cancellation Policy

From now                  to March 15, 2020        50% refund

From March 16          onwards                       0%  refund



Early bird prices are applicable when the complete payment is done prior to the deadlines.  

Prices are net and do not include bank charges, commissions. These costs are the responsibility of the participant

The booking registration is guaranteed when the full payment is received

All prices are in UAE Dirhams and US Dollars.



  • If you are a single participant then DTF Team will try their best to find you a partner. We have no obligation on the quality and the attendance of your partner.


  • Single participations payments should be completed before April 1st , 2020. From April 1st, please get in touch with the organizers


  • You the classes you have registered to during the festival unless you receive a confirmation from the organizers.


  • No guests are allowed in classes. DTF Team has the right to ask participant to prove their attendance to any particular class or milonga. If the participant fails to prove his/her participation then payment is required.


  • Your reservation is on a waiting list and will only be confirmed when payment is received.


  • In case of a cancellation by the participant please refer above to the policy. Any lost due to the miscommunication due to the wrong data in the registration will not be refunded.


  • In case DTF Team cancels the event, then all the deposited money will be refunded to the participant.


  • All bank commissions during deposit or refund are under the responsibility of the participant. The prices offered are Net


  • Teachers will offer change of partners during the classes; in case you came as a couple you could remain with your partner.


  • Any audio/video recording in classes is not allowed. Please note that a resume of the class will be done at the end and video could then be taken upon confirmation with the Maestros


  • It is the participant's responsibility to ensure that he or she has all the required conditions such as, health, authorizations, visa, etc. to participate the festival. DTF Team is not responsible for any problems that raise due to the lack of the satisfaction of these conditions.